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Goreway Station

Goreway Station - Brampton, Ontario

      Goreway Station is an 875 MW (nominal net output) natural gas fuelled combined cycle generating station in Brampton which was placed into commercial operation in June 2009. The facility is under a long-term Accelerated Clean Energy Supply agreement with the Ontario Power Authority and participates in the competitive electricity market administered by Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator.

      The project utilizes General Electric's Frame 7FB combustion gas turbines in a 3x1 configuration and is among the largest combined cycle installations in Canada. An air-cooled condenser reduces water consumption by 95% compared to facilities utilizing conventional evaporative cooling towers. SNC Lavalin was the Project Manager. 

      Ganotec provided mechanical construction teams for the installation of the Heat Recovery and Steam Generation ( HRSG) systems including welding in carbon steel , stainless steel, chrome, and various alloys to both Ganotec CWB and TSSA approved welding procedures. The scope of work required sub-assemblies of large components, requiring numerous heavy lift designs and coordination of all large crawler heavy lift cranes to execute the required construction schedule of 12 months.

      The project peaked at 150 personnel and was completed with no safety incidents. The project scope was coordinated and performed alongside more than 15 different trade contractors and subcontractors employed on the project.

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