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Marsh Landing Generation Station

Marsh Landing Generation Station - Antioch, Calif.

      Located within the existing Contra Costa Power Plant site, the Marsh Landing Generating Station is a brownfield development that uses existing site infrastructure while creating new capacity to meet local needs. By adding this stand-alone facility to the site, no new offsite transmission or gas lines are necessary, minimizing offsite impacts. 

      The Kiewit team will engineer, procure and construct the 800-megawatt natural gas-fired power plant with four 200-megawatt simple cycle units. Project equipment includes four Siemens 5000F(4) combustion turbines, four emissions control systems complete with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and oxidation catalysts, exhaust gas-tempering air fan systems, three fuel gas compressors and balance of plant equipment. SCR/carbon monoxide (CO) catalyst units will be used to reduce the nitrogen oxide and CO emissions coming from the exhaust gas of the combustion turbines while operating in a simple cycle configuration. 

      In addition to pursuing LEED certification for the new administration building, this project complies with Best Available Control Technology. Upon completion, the project will supply power to more than 750,000 homes. 

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